86 old style~!

Seems I wasn’t the only one thinking of ways to incorporate a little old school flavor into the 86. TRD released this “customize concept” at TAS that I quite like. As one of my friends put it, “It’s not the prettiest, but I can understand and appreciate the mix of vintage and contemporary JDM.”

I agree that it’s not very beautiful, but it’s a lot better than a lot of other 86s at TAS. (Take note of the K.I.S.S. principle here, haha.)

Being that I am obsessed with wheels, particularly classic Japanese wheels, it’s no surprise that I like the one-off 15×7.5 wheels that bear a close resemblance to the old TRD Tosco wheels. It would be interesting if they ever put them into production. I’m not sure if I could rock 15s on my FR-S, but if they made a set in say, 16×8, I’d probably hop on them. Behind the wheels are a TRD circuit spec brake upgrade, which includes new, larger front rotors, pads, and brake lines.

Another interesting add-on is this rear window louvre. I’m not terribly wild about it, but it does fit nicely with the 80s theme.

Overall, I think it’s a great approach to classic tuning on a modern chassis and I’m glad someone did it. It’s a breath of fresh, nostalgic air in an otherwise futuristic Japanese tuning scene.

Photo credit: Speedhunters, BackFromLeave, and TRD Japan.

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