Well, another year is upon us. I apologize for the lack of posts on here, but I’m just kinda over blogging right now. I’m tired of reposting the same pictures everyone’s already seen. I’m tired of ranting about the same old things no one really gives a crap about. I rarely go to shows or meets because I’m tired of looking at the same old cars. I’m just feeling kinda “meh” about everything in the car scene right now. It was suggested to me that I continue my analysis of the aftermarket for the 86, but 90% of everything for this car is dumb and I kinda don’t wanna waste my time ranting on how ugly and stupid everything is. I might do a few pieces here and there and I’ll probably still document the FR-S build, but don’t expect much in the coming months, haha. As far as FR-S parts go, aside from the set of OEM underpanels that come on the twins in Japan, nothing has been purchased.


I did start the new year off with a nice drive in the FR-S with one of my friends. During that drive, I really got a good feel for the car and how precisely balanced it is. It’s pretty incredible. It has loads of grip despite being on skinny, 7 inch wide Prius tires. I’m curious how wider wheels and tires will affect the car, but I don’t want to overdo it and go too wide. The car could use a little more low-end power and I also noticed that the stock brakes desperately need upgrading. I’ll probably start with pads, lines, and fluid first and see how that goes, but I have my fingers crossed for an AP Racing (England, not the Stillen) Formula Road 4pot kit. AP released a beautiful 6pot kit, but it’s overkill for the stock car and only works with 18s, which I’m not really going for. Overall, the car really doesn’t need a lot of changes. I’ll be keeping the build quite simple and sticking to my tuning philosophy of improvement (every aftermarket part must perform better than stock, otherwise there’s no point to changing it).

Here’s a photo overlooking Silicon Valley.

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