What happened?

What happened to the times when Rays made classic, good looking wheels? What’s up with this butt ugly design? Halloween trick? In general, it seems a lot of wheel manufacturers’ wheels have gotten uglier. And for god’s sake, the trend of “weight saving” grooves in wheel spokes has to stop. If anything, it probably only shaves off a few grams. Big whoop.

4 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Cusson

    I’m not sure if I agree about a lot of wheel manufacturers. I’m not the biggest fan of the grooves on the Advan RS II, but for the most part, their entire “Racing” range is still fantastic. Enkei has also been killing it with new designs, as has Prodrive! I think as long as brands stick to simple designs with a wide range of finishes, they’ll be in good shape.

    I do agree with you about Rays though. I haven’t liked a new wheel from them in ages. Nit pickers could call the TE37 SL a new design, but it just isn’t. It’s a TE37 with more aggressively shaped spokes and some fancy stickers LOL! That wheel in the photo looks horrendous.

    1. Robert Post author

      You are correct about Advan and Prodrive. They do have some nice stuff. I love the Advan GT and TCIII. I just wish both manufacturers offered more options in sizing and PCD. Enkei Japan has a better selection than what we get here in the states, but it’s still nothing to write home about. However I was speaking from a general standpoint of wheel manufacturers from high end to low end. I was looking through SEMA coverage and I’d say about 97% of wheels there are butt ugly. LOL

  2. Danh

    while it’s true that a lot of manufacturers make some designs that are not for everybody, you need new designs to survive. If you make the same wheel over and over again, people will just get bored and the same sets will go around from one guy to the next. Why do you think Rays makes a different color or sticker for their TEs all the time? To keep things fresh and keep people wanting the latest variation of the TE. If it didn’t work, then they’d find a new approach but this method works and the cost of new molds isn’t there since it’s just the same wheel.

    I do agree that some deigns are meh when I see them on a display but usually look better on a car.

    IMHO, manufacturers needs to set new trends, not follow old ones. Progression is what it’s about.


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