Quoted For Truth

“Thinking back now, I would still take the ridiculously over-the-top body kit era over any of the garbage you see today. At least back then people used creativity to stand out and didn’t take short-cuts to make themselves “cool” and subsequently call everyone “haters” if they didn’t agree or called people out for the short-cuts they took to be the next bandwagon trend hopper. A lot of people spend more time trying to justify why they rock fake shit these days instead of spending their time building their cars. “I don’t have the money to afford baller stuff” wasn’t an excuse either. There were a majority of people that couldn’t afford shit back then either but they grinded and hustled and did whatever they could to build their idea of a dream car.”

I couldn’t agree more. Take a trip down memory lane and check out the import scene in the late 90s and early 2000s thanks to The Chronicles.

7 thoughts on “Quoted For Truth

  1. Conrad2NR


    I blame people who follow “scenes” and buy shit in an attempt to fit in. If one would simply build their car to their taste, do it to the best of their ability and not give a f*ck about what others think whether they rock Brotas or ADV.1s the world would be a much better place.

    Quick griping about the shortcomings of the “scene” and post some beautiful rides. All this talk about the scene this and the scene that makes me feel like I’m in a bitch-ass Shakespeare play.

    1. Robert Post author

      haha…Typical car fb/forum/blog reader response. “Just post the pictures! I don’t need to read your stupidass opinions.”

      1. Conrad2NR

        No need to apologise man. It’s one car love (no homo) and if it’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s to appreciate and respect other opinions…or else I won’t have been subscribed to your blog😉

  2. Conrad2NR

    Reblogged this on MotorEdge™ and commented:
    Do most people follow the scene (what’s in with the crowd) or just build what they like which may have some semblance to the current trend. Of course it’s not quite black and white but…

    I consider myself a part of the latter.

  3. westz

    Reblogged this on Photos, Cars, and Life OMAI and commented:
    Although there’s a shift in the aftermarket scene today, it seems as though everyone is doing it to please each other instead of pleasing themselves. In my opinion, rocking fake crap to please other people just makes you look fake period.


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