Words of Wisdom

Just a few things to think about. Personally, I wish more people built proper street cars. I find them more fun and interesting than full-blown wannabe race cars or cars “built” for parking lot show-off meets. It’s all about balance.

86S Ibukiyama

Since the inception of the 86, Toyota Japan has been celebrating the revival of fun that it has brought back to Toyota’s lineup by holding 86 owner events across Japan. These events are held on mountain pass roads, known as “touge” in Japan, made famous by a certain tofu-delivering AE86. At these events, owners are given the chance to connect with other drivers and local area clubs, are treated to free food and special guest appearances, and celebrate their ownership through parade laps and other events.

Toyota Japan really goes out of their way to do these things for the owners. They don’t have to do any of this, but the fact they do, really says a lot. Good job Toyota. I just wish I could experience something like this in the States.


I’ve been feeling rather conflicted with the FR-S as of late. I really want to stick with a subtle, street-oriented car in an effort to keep the fun, easy-to-drive nature of the stock car, but when I see pictures of the Bride/Prodrive/Esprit 86:

It just makes me go, “Ughhh…this is nice.” I would love to get the Esprit lip and wing, but then I’d end up with a car that wouldn’t really be at home on the street anymore and would feel rather ridiculous driving around, not to mention the attention it would get from the police and other drivers (then again, it is just a weekend car). And then there’s the case of totally altering the car’s characteristics to pull it all off. The suspension would have to be changed again to accommodate a larger wheel and tire setup, and there would likely have to be some engine work as well (counterpoint: Griffon 86) to handle the aero. It certainly wouldn’t have the feeling the stock car has, but would it still be just as fun? Is it really the direction I want to take with the car? Hmm…